XOffice providing the easy to use and integrated Dispatch solution for the Fuel, Oil and Gas Industry.
Our solution provides easy Routes. Drag and drop your orders in to the compartments of your truck. Prevent Transmix.

Our Map will show efficiency routes and prevent mistakes in the route.
Future more, cost efficiency routes displayed instant and cost efficient in your Truck cabin.

Our solution includes the electronic post and past trip for drivers.
Customize your default routes. Average Bobtail route with 2 loading and 6 deliveries takes less than 30 second.
We allows later cut off time or 24/7 dispatch with multiple dispatches.

XOffice electronic communication benefit drivers and dispatch.

  1. Efficient Routing
  2. Fast Routing
  3. Price watch
  4. Delivery Schedule
  5. BPM status
  6. Driver Schedule
  7. Driver Report
  8. Fleet Report
  9. Trans-mix prevention
  10. Instant Map for Driver and Dispatch
  11. Dispatch Compartments
  12. Keep Full solutions
  13. Rack change
  14. Delivery change
  15. Retain
  16. Common Carrier
  17. Dispatch Driver communication
  18. Pre-Trip / Past-Trip solution
  19. Repair Order
  20. Electronic signature
  21. e-BOL
  22. Photo Integration
  23. integrated eMail for all Documents
  24. Sign Statement Integration include QTY control
  25. Bonded Distributor Integration control
  26. Petroleum Storage Tank Certificate control
  27. Im-Export
  28. Delivery Control
  29. Hardware Independent