XO ERP one stop shop for businesses of all sizes

XO C-Stores
XO Wholesale
XO Dispatch
XO Warehouse
XO Jobber XO Lub Distribution
XO Inventory XO Cardlocks
XO Fleet Maintenance XO Common Carrier
XO Price - Auto-pricing XO POS / WillCall
XO Tank Monitoring XO Oil Field
XO HR XO Data import/export
XO Supplier Portal
XO Reporting System
XO ERP Accounting

XO Statement: We do not depend on Big Tec Companies e.g. Amazon, Google etc. "e.g.Parler".
We have our own Internet environment and Server system e.g. hosting,dns,email,meeting, map/routing servers. We don't share or sell any information or data like Big Tec Companies.

XO Likes challenges and solves problems.
XO Is your one stop shop solution.
XO Of all sizes, small to large corporations (realtime ICT).
XO All in one - instead assembling different solutions.
XO Saves money and endless scalable.

XO Cloud based or onsite Server based, maintenance friendly.
XO You’ll have the most powerful technology at your fingertips. (PWA -Progress Web Application)
XO Is compatible with all major systems with in your office as well in the cloud.
XO Works with existing hardware.
XO Cutting edge technology

With our experience you'll be at the forefront of innovation and proven technology.
Our simple and transparent work flow helping staff getting out of the jungle with older technology.
We fulfill employees and management expectation of modern technology.
Note: The Video showing XO from 2016. Let demonstrate you the current version. Technology improves daily.

Contact us for a demonstration or if you have any question call 480-516-0720 email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Your business needs is our passion.